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Pizza and Subway orders are cancelled until Work to Rule is over.  Thank you for your cooperation.

 Teachers continue with Work to Rule job action.


Please see the information below from the Superintendent of the HRSB:

At this time, we are aware the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) plans to engage in a form of strike action that includes a partial withdrawal of services in all schools in Nova Scotia starting on December 5. If this occurs, it will have an impact on the daily operations of schools. Our focus will be on ensuring schools are open, students are safe and learning continues.
Keeping in mind that things could change quickly, here is what we can tell you as of today:

– Schools will be open and following their regular hours of operation.

-Teaching and classroom room instruction will continue.

– Our priority will be to ensure all students are safe at all times.

– For students who walk to school or rely on their own transportation, a reminder that supervision will begin 20 minutes before the start of classes and end 20 minutes after the end of classes. Please do not drop off/pick up students outside of this time frame as there will be no supervision and school buildings will not be open.

– Breakfast and/or hot lunch programs may be impacted. Any changes will be communicated to you by the school.

EXCEL programs and private day care programs operating in schools are not impacted and will continue.

– The Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation (NSSAF) has communicated with all school boards advising that all school sport will be suspended during any job action, including games, tournaments and practices.

You probably have many more questions, especially ones that are specific to the school your child(ren) attend. Our schools are working to identify and address these impacts, and I would encourage you to contact the principal if you have questions that are school-specific.

It is our plan to keep you informed by sharing information as it becomes known on our website (http://www.hrsb.ca/job_action) and on Twitter (@HRSB_Official). You can also expect to receive email updates through the Alert message system similar to this one.

Thank you,
Elwin LeRoux
Superintendent of Schools

How does this affect Duc d’Anville?

Student activities will not occur. This includes The Holiday Concert, Green Holiday, Karate Club, Breakfast Program, Field Trips, intramurals and other special events.

Lunch supervision will be carried as usual by lunch monitors and students will eat in the Gym and go outside in the usual supervised areas. The same alternating eating and play times will be in place.

Grades Primary to Grade 2 eat from 12:00 to 12:30.

Grade 3 to Grade 6 eat from 12:30 to 1:00.

Students will receive Little Caesars Pizza and Subway during this time.

The PTA has arranged for the cookie dough pick up on Monday as planned but the dough will be distributed in the tennis courts from 2:30 to 5:30.

If you have any further questions please contact the office:





If you or someone you know is interested in being a school lunch monitor please let us know. It is a paid position and there is flexibility in the days you work. Please call 457-8940 if interested!

Lunch Reminders: Families are reminded that there are students in our school with food allergies. Please make sure that the lunches you send with your children are peanut, tree nut, egg and kiwi safe. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


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